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Suburban Family Home

Concrete Cleaning

We clean different types of concrete from driveways, walkways, porches, sidewalks, steps, etc.

Roof Shingles

Roof Wash

We provide soft wash applications to your roof to rid it of mold and algae, to enhance the curb appeal, and to extend your roof's life. 

Observation deck

Deck and Porches

We soft wash your deck or porch to keep the fungus, lichens, mold, and algae from growing on it. 

This will extend the life of your deck with the damaging effects of pressure washing.

Monument Cleaning

We clean and restore your loved ones headstone or monument. 


Trash Bin Cleaning

Tired of the unsightly, smelly trash bin?!

Protect your trash bin and home from harmful bacteria, rodents, bugs, and unpleasant odor with our trash bin cleaning service!

Our service enhances curb appeal and smell of your home/property. 

Get it done when you want it with our flexible plans to meet your needs. 

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and emergency (when you need it) plans. 

Monthly - $20

Bi-Monthly - $30

Emergency - $25


Lawn Mowing

We mow any sized lawn for a reasonable price.


We stay competitive. 

We offer residential and commercial mowing and clean up. 

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